Right to buy to your PRC Home

Right to buy to your PRC Home - Defective PropertiesThe Right to buy your PRC Home is a scheme introduced by the government to allow council (and housing association) tenants who have been renting homes for a number of years to buy their home. Council tenants could enjoy discounts up to £77,000 (in England, except London where it is £102,000) depending on the length of time as a tenant, type of home and the value of their home. This also allows tenants who cannot afford the deposit get onto the property ladder.

You can apply if :

• It’s your only or main home

• It’s self contained

• You’re a secure tenant

You may wish to apply for a joint application with a spouse or partner or up to 3 members of your family who have lived at your home for a year or more.

  1. You will need to complete a Right to buy application form (we can provide you with this), send it to your landlord
  2. Your landlord has 1 month to reply (8 weeks if they have been your landlord for less than 5 years)
  3. Your landlord will send you an offer within 8 weeks, if they are agreeing to sell, this information will detail, the price they think you should pay, how your discount has been calculated, the description of your home, and any known problems or issues.
  4. You have 12 weeks after your landlords offer to respond and accept the offer.

We have years of experience helping our clients buy their council (or housing association) home, we will help you complete the application form, and discuss with your eligibility to apply. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances further.