PRC Certificate

PRC Certificate - Defective Properties

All Repaired pre reinforced concrete houses (PRC houses) require a valid PRC Completion Certificate to ensure the house is mortageable.

Mortgage lenders today will not lend on PRC houses unless the appropriate certification is in place.

These certificates are issued once an independent qualified PRC Engineer has visited the home and ensured that the work has been completed to the recognised PRC repair scheme standards.

Replacement Certificates

In the UK there are many PRC houses that have been repaired by local authorities or homeowners that do not have a PRC Certificate. Mortgages lenders will not lend against these type of houses unless there is the appropriate PRC Certificate in place. If the repair has been carried out to the PRC repair scheme standard, a Retrospective PRC Certificate can be issued.

We can arrange for a Retrospective PRC Certificate to be issued,

• If You have lost your PRC Certificate
• Never received one when you originally purchased your house
• Considering purchasing a repaired PRC house where there is no certificate in place.

We have vast experience and knowledge of PRC houses in England and Wales which have been repaired by local authorities.

How to obtain a Retrospective PRC Certificate

We will visit your home and carry out an assessment to see if the repair has been carried out to the approved PRC repair scheme standards. If the repair has been carried out to the standard we will be able to issue you with a Retrospective PRC Certificate.

We do not charge an upfront fee, and will only charge if a PRC Certificate can be issued. Our fees are competitive and will price match any reputable company.

Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss how we can help you.