History of PRC Houses

History of PRC Houses - Defective PropertiesHistory of PRC Houses begins after the First and Second World war there was a need to replace and build houses quickly and efficiently. This saw the development of non-traditional housing including, re-cast concrete and in-situ concrete, timber, steel and occasionally cast iron construction.

Whilst most of the houses were to provide permanent and long term housing, some housing was intended as emergency or temporary solutions. These houses were not any cheaper to build or maintain than traditional built houses, but where a more efficient way of building homes in the short term.

By the 1980s some fundamental problems affecting structural stability and durability began to emerge in some of the concrete system built houses. This led to certain concrete housing systems being designated defective under the 1984 housing defects legislation which was then incorporated into the housing act of 1985.

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) was commissioned to carry out comprehensive research programme to provide owners, valuers, building professionals with an aid to identify the main types of PRC houses, information on their construction, advice on their inspection and assessment and guidance for their maintenance, repair and improvement. PRC Homes Ltd was set up 1985 to approve license repair schemes for houses designated defective under the 1985 housing act. PRC Homes Ltd a subsidiary of the NHBC in September 1996 ceased to exist. The license repair schemes approved by PRC Homes Ltd are still available today.

The PRC licence repair systems once carried out brought the property up to a standard which mortgage lenders would accept for mortgage lending.

PRC licence repair schemes approved by PRC Homes Ltd (who are no longer in existence) are still available today and widely used on PRC Houses to make them mortgagable.

The most common PRC property types include, Airey, Unity, Wates, Smith, Reema, Hawksley, Boot, Cornish, Orlit, Parkinson.

PRC’s are also known as defective houses, concrete houses, prefab houses, and non standard construction houses.